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About Me

My name is Dave Schinkel and I live in Rijswijk in the Netherlands.
I'm a freelance live and studio sound engineer for all kinds of different projects and music styles.

Since my childhood I have always been interested in music and its technology. This passion expanded the last 10 years into a great hobby and now a great job.

14 years ago I started with sound engineering with a few bands in the city of Delft. I was really interested in making the best possible sound for each band. It started out with some live gigs where I learned how to work with a large variety of mixers and how to develop the perfect sound for, and with a band. In a few months I was also recording some of their first demos.

Slowly I became more and more interested in the technology that is interacting with music and making music. At that time I was still studying ICT (Computer stuff) but I knew already that I had a way bigger passion with music, especially making music sounds as good as it should.

In 2005 I started a study: Music & Technology in Hilversum (HKU). In 2009 I finished this study as a Master of Music & Technology.

In the mean time I worked professionally with a lot of other bands and venues and it really became my life.
So after 6 years of working in a CD store I made the choice to quit that job and began as a freelance engineer. From then on my work as a freelance sound engineer went very well, and still is expanding every month and year. I now work in various venues, I am the sound engineer of various bands and work for various PA Company's (as a operator and system tech). Also my studio work is expanding; different bands and projects have recorded their demo/cd/live/radio performances with me.

In 2009 I've started a new concept: "Live Surround Sound". With this concept as my graduation project (and also for producer Djuri Boot) we have created a new world standard to place a complete live band performing in live surround sound like its never done before. One of the mayor goals was to make sure the audience is completely surrounded by the music. In this way it is possible to literally be a part of the music and experience the songs on a totally different level then people are used to.

If you want more information about this project go to : www.livesurroundsound.com

In 2011 Live Surround Sound got an endorsement with Studer. The project is still running and always interested in new challanges.

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