Dave Schinkel - Live and studio sound engineer



My experience as a live sound engineer began a few years ago. It started as a great hobby, which I wanted to develop further. So, because of that it really became serious business the last few years. Now I'm working for several venues, PA companies, clubs and bands.

My main expertice is doing the live sound of bands and artists (FOH and monitor mixing). I'm also working for clubs and dance events, so thats also a possibility if needed, but live mixing (with bands) remains my personal passion.

Most of the time I have the specific equipment with me suitable for that production. I've got a lot of own mics and rack equipment that I can take with me, which are selected beforehand, suitable for that specific production.

If you are curious how I can make the sound you want? Well, there is only one way, and that's to hear it.


What can I do for bands?
Well, there's actually a lot of different ways I can contribute to a band production. If it's mixing their FOH sound for a single gig or complete tour, mixing their monitor sound or just to give them advice how to prepare themselves the best way possible for a gig or tour. Because, in my opinion, a lot of bands can sound a lot better live than they do now.
For example; bands and sound engineers can save a lot of time and energy simply by good preparation of their backline, their choice and positioning of mics and presets. In this way a gig or tour will go a lot smoother and easier for the band, but also for the sound engineer.

For specified information about all the things that are possible and costs, please contact me and I will contact you back as soon as possible.


What can I do for venues?
Well, because I've seen a lot of different venues over the years I've quite some experience with different systems, halls and equipment. I'm already working at different venues as house engineer, and this is still an expanding business.

Also, if you want any information about my day or hour prices, please contact me.

Rentall Companies

Production on location

Besides I'm a experienced FOH and monitor mixer, I can also help you with the complete technical productions on location from start to finish,(outdoor)Festivals, corporate events etc. I have a wide network of professionals and rental company's to make your projects a succes.

If you want any information about my day or hour prices concerning PA activities, please contact me.

Live Surround Sound

I've specialised myself in system building and mixing live surround sound. I've done a huge project with this new concept and hopefully there will be a lot more Live Surround Sound in the near, and far future.

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