Dave Schinkel - Live and studio sound engineer




DSStudio is a professionally equipped music studio (80m2), specialized in band recordings. We are located in Delft, The Netherlands. The studio has a live room with a true rehearsal-vibe, a chill-out room to relax and a highly professional control room.

Whether you desire a full CD-recording, a demo/EP-recording, mixage, a live recording of a full band, a solo recording or a combination of these different forms, DSStudio can fullfill and facilitate all of this in an optimal positive and relaxed working atmosphere, which will greatly benefit the recording.

The studio features a 40m2 live room and a 20m2 control room filled with state of the art recording and mixing equipment (see equipment) and a recording booth for recording vocals, brass or guitar recordings. DSStudio also has a 20m2 chill-out room completely filled with everything that is needed to chill-out; furniture, beamer, speaker system, a fridge and a microwave.

Prior to any project we will have a meeting to discuss the project approach, project planning and your budget to make sure we will reach all your project goals. This ensures that DSStudio always offers you a suitable package.

During the project, networking resources of DSStudio can be used. These include: professional bandcoaches, songwriters, producers and independent session musicians, as well as videodirectors, videocrew, video-editors, photographers and graphic designers (artwork/merch).


Every studio production is different. Please contact Dave at DSStudio for more information and a price indication of your project.

DSStudio samples:

The band Eve's Fall was one of the first bands that recorded their full-lenght album here at DSStudio, and the results of their debut album "From Here On" are great! :

No Compassion :

A Touch of Fate:

On April 18th of 2013, The Dance recorded a Live Studio Session at DSStudio. The audio was recorded in one take, and the video was shot and edited by the band. Here are the results of this great project:


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